Who is Craig


Too many broken promises. I have been threatened with violence and loss of vehicles for pursuing the money he owes me. The Domain and Hosting is now paid for 10 years in advance. If anything suspicious happens to me, this will be the first place to look

Craig McMillan Bruce

Craig Bruce

Born to Beverly on the 10th June 1961.

Grew up in the Doncaster area until the age of about 12 when he moved to Dorset rd Boronia with his mother, his new stepfather, David Bruce and his younger sister Karen.

To the best of my knowledge, David still resides there. Unfortunately, Beverly has passed away after a long illness. I’m not certain, but I believe David has not enjoyed the best of health over the last few years

During his late teens, Craig was tattooed on several occasions, including partially clad female, Heckle & Jeckle, then due to one of his early romances, Craig had CB and SM tattooed on his wrists.

Craig was in trouble with the law on multiple occasions during his teens and relied heavily on legal assistance from his Aunty Shirley, a well regarded Solicitor to keep him out of the “Big House”.

At around 19 or 20 year old, Craig went missing for a few months. The reason given for the absence was that he was working in the Mines up in Mt Isa. Strangely though, upon return, he continued having problems with car payments and other debts which culminated in his first of two Bankruptcies.

In his mid 30′s, Craig had the remains of his teeth removed and had dentures made with money borrowed from My Family. Craig did pay that debt back


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