Why Rip Me Off?


I don’t know why you’re holding my Doors, paint and moulds but it is long beyond a joke.


The only reason you have my moulds, house doors and paint is because I was trying to let you earn back some of the money you owe me. I thought that was the right thing to do for both of us.

It has been over 3 1/2 years since the money you owed me was due back. Beside breaking promise after promise to start paying me back, you have never even payed back one dollar.


I was trying to find a way to allow you the honour of earning back some of what you owe.


It was my intent to pay you well to make my Fibreglass kit and to help paint my house. Right through this, I have always tried to allow you to keep your self respect.


6 months after loaning you the moulds, no work was done with them. Back in July last year, you took my doors to your factory to paint. You did a good job of the ones you gave back and that was appreciated. Since August last year, I have been trying to get the last two doors back. I have an endless string of SMS messages where I have been trying to get them back ever since


You won’t return either my doors or my moulds or allow myself or even my Dad to come and pick them up.You have made many appointments for us to come and pick them up and have promised many times to deliver them. You have broken every commitment to return them.


I have little choice but to see that as a clear statement that what you owe me is of little or no importance to you. To have made the part from the moulds would have taken a few days if you wanted to do it.


If I owed you about $50,000, in all sincerity, you know that work would have been done in the first week. I have never tried to hurt you. I have always tried to put our relationship high and treat you with respect.


Now, not only have you not made the part, but you won’t give back my doors, my moulds or my paint. I don’t understand Craig. If you wanted to give them back, you would have only needed to spend 15 minutes out of 6 months. The excuse of being busy is worn out. These goods are of no commercial value to anyone else and whilst they are not worth a lot of money, probably around $1000.00 to $1,500.00 you do know the inconveniece value is very high.


You have always said “If people have a problem with you, they should talk to you”, I’m doing that now.


I am asking you to return my things or let us pick them up

4 Responses to Why Rip Me Off?

  1. this low life owes me money as well about $ 15,000 dollars, i went out of my way to help him in his boat building business (madison boats) with the promise that you would pay me back when you sold a boat I am still waiting, that was two years ago, or maybe you are operating under the business name of Platinum Boats, as you know this name is owned by me. i have a lot more to write about but this will do for the time being

    • Tim Blees, keep talking I would like to know more I to have been touched by this man and may know where he is.

  2. Venting on a public sight will be of no advantage to anyone, but it can hurt the innocent. It has hurt his children.

    Thanks for your consideration.