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Well, Like many commitments made by Craig McMillan Bruce, the offer to contact me and organise payment of the monies owed to me has been broken.

In Mid September 2015, Craig agreed to honour the debt he owes me and promised to make contact and pay me if the contents of this website were removed. The commitment was to contact and make arrangements by the end of September. It is now the 14th October, 2 weeks after the commitment has expired and no contact has been made.

Am I surprised?……………………. No!

What would surprise me would be if Craig actually does pay me.

I will detail the full story in the very near future, complete with photos and voice recordings.

Below remains the only post the website had displayed for a month in respect to that broken commitment.



Hello Passer’s by,

This site has been removed at the request of the named subject. A commitment has been offered to rectify the subjects of the website if all detail pages are removed.

In fairness to this commitment, there will be no content displayed here before the end of September 2015. Assuming those commitments are appropriately fulfilled, a complete retraction will be published immediately

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