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    Richenda Bruce says:

    That is my dad your talking about you two sound like a pack old bitches that don’t have anything else to do with there time then make website about others and for two people that were nice well it shows your not and if your trying to make him look bad it dosent all I see in this is fucking doors, Molds and paint and money grow the fuck up and Tim Craig he helped you out with your heap of shit boat and put up with you and your shit your a fucking bitch grow the fuck up mate all you do is bitch And Neil for a long time mate your going to let it end over doors and paint that’s really fucking sad . And you do know this is slander so I would think about Pulling it down P.s if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t know Tim now I’ll let you keep bitching about my DAD just wanted you to know that I have seen this and I am pissed off and if I see anymore I’ll be showing him this